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Our conversion rate optimisation and support service is designed to:

  • Gain real-time insights into your audience’s behaviours, and interactions
  • Make data-driven and informed improvements to your website’s design for the best user experience and the highest conversion rate
  • Increase online orders and decrease abandoned cart rates
  • Turn your website traffic into more revenue for your business by improving your average order and lifetime value
  • Streamline your internal process to reduce manual intervention and improve user experience and satisfaction

The process

1/ Quick fixes first

We'll take a look at your Google Analytics (GA) data, and we'll identify immediate improvements that can be implemented right away.

2/ Long List of Next Steps

After analysing your data, we'll create a comprehensive list of potential improvements. We'll examine your website, conduct heuristic analysis, expert analysis, GA and heatmap data analysis.

3/ Prioritising Actions

We'll focus on the most promising actions. By leveraging data-driven ideas and insights, we'll develop concrete hypotheses, evaluate their potential, and determine the priorities for implementation.

4/ Implementation

You won't even notice as we launch the initial tests. To accurately measure the performance of our UI/UX changes, we'll need to keep your old website version running in parallel.

5/ Analysis and Reporting

Our report will detail the actions taken, the results achieved, what worked, what didn't, and the reasons behind it. To provide you with answers, we'll dive back into the data, learn from it, and incorporate any new insights into our list of recommended actions.

6/ Review and Repeat

We will schedule a meeting with you to thoroughly review the list of recommendations for the upcoming month. During this meeting, we will work together with your team to prioritise the actions based on their importance and feasibility. Once we have agreed upon the priorities, we will proceed with implementing the new set of actions.

A typical month of Conversion Rate Optimisation 

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